Vietnamese Coffee Maker – How to use Vietnamese Coffee Maker?

Many people will have a passion for sweet coffee; a Vietnamese coffee maker will make a traditional coffee boldly flavored with condensed milk, diluting the dark taste that results in the desert like a creamy drink.

We can brew hot and cold coffee with this coffee maker using a paper filter or phin. This article will know how to use Vietnamese coffee makers or Vietnamese coffee filter instructions.

The coffee machine has four elements: container, filter, plunger, and lid. Here the coffee is brewed by infusion and strained directly into the cup.

It also has a thermo-insulating handle that removes the coffee maker without burning hands.

How to use veitnamese coffee maker with phin coffee filter


Origin of Vietnamese

Vietnamese coffee maker is closely related to a press coffee machine or French piston. The French press and origin are French and Dutch settlers who occupied lands in Vietnam during the 18th Century.

An individual coffee maker always prepares only one cup of coffee at once. This coffee machine is also called a Vietnamese Coffee Filter.

Traditional Vietnamese comes with two main things, the brewing method and the beans. Choose the Arabica beans to get more flavor and Robusta, which is higher in caffeine but darker and tastes bitter. People from Vietnam used Robusta and habitually added condensed milk for a perfect coffee.

How to Use the Vietnamese Coffee Maker?

Vietnamese coffee filter

Instructions to make coffee with the Vietnamese Coffee Maker

  • There are two Traditional methods of preparing Vietnamese coffee, Cold coffee, and hot coffee. So below is the process of using a Vietnamese coffee machine.
  • First, take a mug and fill the bottom with two tablespoons of condensed milk.
  • Take a kettle and fill it with water to get boiled.
  • While the water is getting heated, grind the coffee. Use medium-coarse grind like halfway between French press and drip-brew. Adjust the grind according to the filter it suits, as brew it quickly or slowly.
  • Remove the filter insert from the phin brewer and add 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Shake the brewer so the grounds distribute evenly at the bottom and tamp the ground coffee down with fingers.
  • Place the filter into the brewer. If the coffee machine is of the screw-off type, tighten the screw. And if the weighted type, place the filter only on the top of the ground. 
  • Put the phin on the top of the mug and fill it with 2-3 tablespoons of hot water. At this stage, the coffee blooms and releases its flavors. It also prevents the rest of the water from dripping. 
  • After 30 seconds, pour more hot water into the brewer until it reaches the top and cover with a lid. 
  • Allow the coffee to drip by the filter and fall into the mug. After the coffee finished dripping, remove the phin from the cup and stir the condensed milk in the bottom into the brewed coffee to make a fresh and sweet flavourful coffee.

What is Cafe Phin?

Vietnamese Coffee Maker

A Phin is a mug-top brewer and filter referred to by most western drinkers of Vietnamese coffee makers.

  • It has three individual components: the brewing chamber with a perforated bottom and base surrounded by the platform, designed to rest on the bug’s top.
  • The second is around the perforated filter inside the brewing chamber on the top of the ground coffee.
  • And a cap or lid on the top to keep the heat of the coffee machine.
  • Most phin brewers made stainless steel and found some ceramic or other metals.
  • Phin’s also have extra features like rubber or plastic handles for easy handling. All the machines use basic design.

How many minutes does it take to make coffee with a Vietnamese coffee maker?

To make coffee with a Vietnamese coffee maker takes 20- 25 minutes. 

  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total time is taken to make coffee 

Where to buy a Vietnamese Coffee Maker?

The best place to buy a Vietnamese coffee maker is Amazon, with reasonable prices.

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