Marble Top Coffee Table – What to look for before buying?

The marble-top coffee table brings a touch of ornate to any living space or family room. It suits any room or space. Marble is cool-toned, organic, timeless, and casual in style. It is all about combining marble’s attractiveness with other elements and taking advantage to create the perfect interior design. Here are a few of the best marble top coffee tables reviewed.

Best Marble Top Coffee Table for Living Room

These marble coffee tables are the most resistant ones compared with other tables. The table’s surface is complex and not easy to scratch or break. If the coffee table legs are strong, they can weigh consider when placed on top.

Buying a white marble coffee table will light up space. It is suitable for rooms with darkness and no natural light coming or with dark decor and furniture. A marble top will create a good contrast and leaves a better light balance to enjoy.


Features considered before buying Coffee Tables.

  • Marble is a complex and different material when compared to other furniture. So make sure and look for some features before getting a marble top.
  • Firstly, there are different coffee tables in regular and irregular sizes and shapes in the market. Please don’t buy one because it looks nice. Purchase, according to the available space, and measure where it needs to be placed.
  • Secondly, get a coffee table that matches the decor and space. Buying a table that does not suit the space will be negative. The coffee table must match the color, design, and sometimes the metal used for the legs.
  • Marble top coffee tables are less expensive and affordable for anyone to buy. So people can choose something that fits their budget.
  • The most important that needs to be considered is the quality of the marble table. High-quality marble lasts for a long and will be expensive when compared to other marble tables. So choose according to the required size, design, and shape.

Best Marble Top Coffee Table

Nathan James Piper Faux Marble Table

Nathan James Piper Faux Marble

Nathan James Piper’s table is round and topped with a white faux Carrara marble finish and smooth black powder-coated legs. This tabletop can carry up to 99 lbs, supporting sturdy criss-cross base metal legs. It can also be used as a cocktail table with a modern and sleek design. It fits any living room.

The metal frame connected with the cross design will be the strong base. We can use it as a coffee table, display decorative centerpieces, and store the magazines, beverages, snacks, etc., in the living room. It is easy to assemble.

Cost: $139.99

Walker Edison Furniture Marble Table

Walker Edison Furniture Marble

Walker Edison coffee table is one of the best marble top coffee tables. It is a modern round coffee table with marble and gold; durable materials last long. It has a trendy painted metal base, a tempered glass tabletop, and a glamorous design.

This coffee table is perfect on its own or when styled with other matching side tables. The round table can be decorated with a tray to place books, a clock, artistic pieces, etc. It is made with high-grade MDF and laminated construction. This table supports up to 50 pounds.

Cost: $119.40

InsifoHome Modern 36″ Round Table

InsifoHome Modern 36” Round Table

InsifoHome Modern 36″ round table is the best marble top coffee table. It is crafted with a durable white wood-made faux marble tabletop and gold coated steel metal base. This table is a modern and sleek design that adds glamour to any living room, bedroom, and office space.

The round table is 36″, the perfect size for any room. Its modern design, smooth finishing, and luxury outlook will last long and be affordable. Easy to install and supports up to 22 lb.

Cost: $149.99

Olee Sleep Natural Marble Top Table

Olee Sleep Natural Marble Top Table

Olee Sleep Natural coffee table brings a refined and straightforward upgrade to the living room. It has a solid wooden frame with a classic black wood grain finish.

The table provides storage space also to organize household goods. It is the perfect addition to the bedroom, living room, guest room, dining room, etc.

This table looks great when placed next to leather or fabric furniture and suits many other decors in the room. Clean the table with a damped cloth and do not use harsh chemicals.

Cost: $134.95

How to Make a Marble Table?

Firstly, we need marble, a durable and beautiful material, aluminum stock lengths, a kit with pre-cut legs, horizontal stretchers, and necessary connectors to join the parts to make a coffee table. It is easy to assemble the table within 15 minutes with all these materials.

  • Make the base with marble.
  • Cut the parts like legs and stretchers smoothly with the aluminum cutter.
  • Position all the connectors and tighten with an Allen wrench.
  • Thread the feet to the bottom and tighten.
  • Complete the base by assembling the stretchers and legs.
  • Attach the top on a padded surface and tighten the setscrew.
  • Finally, secure the clip and complete the making of a marble-top coffee table.

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