Makita Coffee Maker – Cordless Battery Coffee Maker

Everyone likes a decent cup of coffee where ever we work. People who work in the garage cannot have a coffee maker at their place. Most of the coffee makers are delicate and expensive to use in garages. Makita coffee maker is best for working on projects and garage, which runs through cordless batteries and uses 60mm coffee pods to make a fresh coffee.

Makita Cordless machine with 60mm coffee pods

Makita is the perfect appliance to use at garages because it runs on an 18V Makita battery or a cord. We can plug in it at any 120V outlet. It has a slide-out grounds basket, which makes any regular coffee.

Pour water in a cup with good quality ground coffee, which comes in a can, or scoop it into the basket. Now we get coffee within minutes by just pressing a button.


Makita DCM501 Coffee Maker

The Makita DCM501 coffee maker is a customized battery-operated machine better than a piping hot coffee cup. It is a portable and sturdy coffee maker that produces piping hot coffee in minutes with ground coffee using a filter or 60mm coffee pods.

Makita Coffee Maker with Battery

Good Bits of Makita DCM501

  • This coffee maker of Makita is the updated model; it is lightweight and easy to carry handle to carry from job to job.
  • The coffee machine comes with two attachments. One is 60mm coffee pods, and the other is ground coffee.
  • This coffee machine has a stainless steel mug and a ground coffee measuring spoon. The mug is unbreakable because of its stainless steel material, and the coffee remains hot for a long time.
  • The mug is designed to fit correctly into the machine, not splash hot water. The lid is the added advantage to keeping the coffee hot for a long time.
  • For the Makita coffee machine, a 90mm height-sized mug will fit perfectly, too, instead of using the only dedicated mug.
  • The Makita coffee maker has two battery ports with 10.8 Volts and 12 Volts CXT batteries for one port and 14.4 Volts and 18 Volts LXT batteries for the other port. The batteries are covered with a neat cover to prevent dust and debris.
  • It has a boil dry protection function as its main feature that stops the machine from burning out. Once the water empties into the machine, the sensor automatically shuts off the power.
  • Makita has a reusable filter to not faff around with paper filters. After coffee-making, dump the coffee grinds into the trash and rinse to use them again.

Where to buy 60mm Coffee Pods & Makita Coffee Maker?

The best place to buy Makita DCM501 coffee maker and 60mm coffee pods is Amazon for the most desirable price.

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