How to Use Farberware Single-Serve Coffee Maker?

Farberware is designed in sleek stainless steel and black finish, which goes with virtually any kitchen or break room style. It is a single-serve coffee maker to brew ideally one cup of coffee. It has a removable drip that is easy to clean a coffee maker with the drip; we can adjust it to three different heights to place the mug of all sizes. Use Farberware single-serve coffee maker with a touch button to brew a perfect coffee with a capsule holder.

FarberWare Single-Serve Coffee Maker

The coffee maker has 30 ounces reservoirs that brew multiple coffee cups. Refilling the water tank to brew sizes from six to fourteen ounces is unnecessary.

It has a reusable ground coffee filter and compatible capsule holder so everyone can have their desired coffee cup daily. Farberware is a fast brewing system that quickly brews coffee to get coffee on the way.

We can make coffee, hot chocolate, or tea using any single-serving brew pod. It is easy to use a personal coffee maker to brew coffee with its one-touch brewing operation.

It is energy-efficient and easy to clean with quick open lid access. We can quickly fill the water reservoir.

Cost: $30


How to Use FarberWare Single-Serve Coffee Maker?

use farberware single-serve coffee maker with capsule holder
  • When using the FarberWare for the first time, it is recommended to operate for at least one complete cup cycle without a capsule.
  • Make sure the appliance is completely cool and clean the machine.
  • Farberware Single-Serve coffee maker brewing coffee with K-cup capsules and uses only fresh and cold water. Don’t use any other liquids other than water.
  • Now place the coffee maker on a clean, flat, heat-resistant surface. Press the lid and release the lever to unlock the lid.
  • Insert a capsule in the capsule holder, close the lid and make sure it is locked properly.
  • Place the drip tray with the cup holder into the appliance and ensure they sit securely in place.
  • Fill the reservoir with cold and fresh water by opening the lid and slowly pouring water with the help of a funnel.
  • According to the reservoir’s markings, fill the water according to the requirement from 6 oz to 10 oz.
  • Place the mug or cup in the center of the cup holder securely. Insert the plug and press the ON/OFF button to start brewing.
  • After the brew cycle completes, the switch automatically switches off the coffee brewing shuts off.
  • The cup is filled with hot coffee, disconnect the plug and remove the cup/mug from the holder.
  • Make the appliance cool down before removing the capsule holder. Make sure to remove all the used capsules after using.

Daily Cleaning Tips

Farberware Single-Serve coffee maker must clean twice a month to brew tasty fresh coffee. But we also must clean the coffee maker after every use. Below are the essential daily cleaning tips for cleaning the coffee maker.

  • Use the coffee pod only once and remove them after use.
  • Better to use filtered water to brew so that the hard water deposits reduce.
  • We need to empty and refill the water in the reservoir every day.
  • Let the machine air out by leaving the lid off.
  • Rearrange the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • After every brew, wipe the outside and the machine’s surface to prevent dust from settling inside.

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