How to use a camping coffee percolator?

If you’re like me, a strong cup of coffee at sunrise is a must. You have no reason to give up your coffee when you go camping. Learning how to utilize a coffee percolator for camping is not impossible. The first thing you must do is make a suitable percolator coffee pot for an open fire.

How to use a camping coffee percolator

They are available in various capacities, depending on the number of cups one can hold. Consequently, it is up to you to determine the appropriate size based on how much coffee you make.


Camping coffee percolator 

Many campers usually get a coffee percolator in the coffee-making while camping. However, learning to use a camping percolator requires some skills. 

Remember that cooking on a campfire or heating water differs from cooking on a stove. Bet that you agree with this.

Yes, making coffee in the wild can be a bit of a challenge. It does not mean you cannot achieve it by learning to use a camping coffee percolator. 

Are you ready to start making coffee in percolator camping gear? Here are some suggestions to help you make a delicious cup of coffee using the Camping Coffee Pot Percolator.

What is a Camping Coffee Percolator? 

You may have filled everything you need for your camping weekend. However, you do not contain instant coffee in your backpack. You can handle this if you include a camping percolator in your equipment. 

The percolator is a camping coffee maker that is the perfect combo for your camping spray. There are various types of percolators depending on or purpose you use them. 

If the electric percolator is practical, use a unit that goes over the stove if you do not load the RV. Here are something to look for when selecting yours. Receive their size, filters, basket, durability, and functionality.

A unit that can keep coffee warm for longer while camping is best. Exploring the jungle will surprise you a lot, and you are unsure when you need it. Having a percolator with you is essential to always be ready without any hassles.

How does a coffee percolator work? 

Typically, camping coffee percolators come with a basic structure. The outer unit design of this campsite coffee maker is similar to that of a coffee pot. Meanwhile, the indoor unit had fitted with a basket intended for coffee grounds. 

Typically, water had poured into the unit’s outer shell, and its basket had lowered into the water. The coffee mix and water had mixed to produce coffee inside the pot.

Keep in mind that most of these camping coffee percolators had equipped with a filter. The filter in the basket is a coffee design. The same is true of a typical coffee maker that uses a filter for a coffee mix to make a fresh beverage. 

When making percolated coffee in the wild, you need certain ingredients. The most important of these are:

  • Percolator
  • Heat source
  • Water
  • Ground coffee or coffee beans
  • Towel or potholder
  • Cup

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13 Tips on How to Use a Coffee Percolator for Camping 

Now, let’s go ahead and learn how to use a camping coffee percolator and percolate coffee camping drinks in the wild.

1. Heat source control: 

Place the equipment on the grill rack of the adjustable campfire if you sprinkle your coffee on the campfire. You need to set the grill rack to the highest setting. It will prevent the coffee from burning. 

Another reason is that the water in the pot evaporates quickly. Also, try making a small campfire for coffee percolation. Most people use modern heating devices such as fuel-powered or battery-operated burners for their morning brew. 

It is a great idea and choice as they do not produce much heat compared to the campfire. How long should a coffee camping drink last? This process can carry a long time to prepare a cup of coffee. 

Remember to control the heat source when you drink your campsite coffee.

2. Add water to the unit: 

Adding enough water to the camping coffee pot percolator will not be so difficult. Keep only the right amount of water in the pot for the coffee you want to eat in a particular setting. 

To make your wild-brewed coffee, take just one cup (capacity of 6-8 ounces) and then pour water into it, depending on how many cups you want to make.

Add three cups of water to serve coffee to only three people. Making as many cups of coffee as possible can save the coffee ground. You can use the rest of the settings in the future. 

Also, you can control your usage and keep them from being wasted. However, it is better to make extra coffee as you have a quality thermos to keep you warm for a long time.

3. The Importance of Coffee Branding: 

In general, low-cost varieties are terrible and can quickly destroy. They produce a horrible taste even when burned. Meanwhile, you may have your preference for the best coffee variant. 

Most experts agree on the potential of brand-name coffees in using camping percolators. Note the availability of some brands designed explicitly for camping percolators.

It is required to know how to use a camping coffee percolator. Remember that coffee cooked in camp is different from a homemade drink. 

It means that although coffee had branded, it does not taste the same when made indoors or outdoors. Remember this fact, so you will not be surprised if the coffee tastes different when you go camping.

4. Material Design of Coffee Percolator: 

Both titanium and iron are excellent materials for percolators because they can withstand extreme heat well. Standard camping percolators come from materials such as chrome and aluminum. 

These units can resist heat at high temperatures. Avoid low-quality camping percolators, which will not keep your coffee in extreme heat. Also, choosing a tin percolator pot is not a great thing.

Choose a good buy or high-quality unit it had made of durable material. You must withstand percolator elements and extreme heat when making coffee while camping.

5. Time to make your coffee: 

How Long Do You Drink Camp Coffee? The instructions for each camping coffee percolator depend on its brand regarding cooking time. 

However, there seems to be a bar if you want to come up with a good cup of coffee from your camping percolator. Cook your coffee for 15 minutes or until the unit lid percolates.

Although real-time cooking may vary, not all heating sources are the same. Observe your camping percolator while cooking. Make sure it is boiling correctly. It will prevent damage to your unit or make your coffee burn better.

6. The right amount of coffee grounds to keep in a pot: 

Usually, people fill the coffee maker’s basket with several coffee grounds. Avoid this method unless you want your coffee to taste very strong. If you use regular ground coffee, buy a filter that fits your percolator basket. 

On the other hand, the filter had not required if you are using fresh coarse coffee. Add enough coffee grounds to the percolator to make your drink taste better.

Based on your preference for a cup of coffee, you can try this ratio of 3 to 6 teaspoons of ground for three cups. It is equivalent to a cup containing one or two teaspoons of instant coffee.

7. Use of a standard coffee cup: 

A standard coffee cup is best when brewing your percolator coffee at camp. A cup containing 6-8 ounces of liquid will work best for your percolated coffee. Your ability to brew a fine cup of coffee will never fail, even when you are miles away from civilization.

You must adjust the coffee grounds and water for brewing in the larger cup. In the end, it only destroys the taste of the coffee. If more than four people use the same pot, it may not make enough cups of drink. In this case, using larger cups solves the problem.

8. The optimal size of the percolator 

Get a large camping percolator pot if you drink a lot of coffee. Remember that most percolator pots can brew about 32 ounces of coffee. 

Using a large pot will satisfy you while receiving a cooler temperature during your drinking session. Try to buy percolators that allow you to make a maximum of 64 ounces of coffee.

9. Get rid of coffee grounds:

Remove your pot and use an extra filter to prevent coffee. You can cover the pot and rotate it or try to pick up additional grounds. It should settle to the bottom if you see it floating around in your coffee. 

Rotate the pot rapidly until it settles to the bottom of the field. The force and gravity are applied during twirling motion because the coffee grounds settle down naturally.

Also, note the importance of using a high-quality basket system to avoid the problem of floating grounds in your coffee.

10. Coffee Strength: 

There are times when you need some strength to make coffee according to the instructions of the camping coffee percolator. The main logic here is to ensure your unit is not compromised. 

It is essential to note the coffee maker’s ability to produce the best coffee. Adding more coffee grounds to the pot increases the strength of the brewing process. Another way to increase the power of the brew is to boil water. 

Be more careful in making coffee without spoiling the taste at this time. Also, coffee resembles thick mud.

11. Look through the coffee percolation and follow the: 

Learn how to use the pot to determine if the machine is percolating. Keep your visions close to your bank to see the beginning of the process. 

Generally, the percolator’s instruction manual provides information about the percolating time. When done in a fire, it can take some time, but you must monitor the whole process.

Keep and maintain a medium-strength flame if you cook on a camping stove. After a while, the content starts to boil. Look at the pot to see when the coffee maker starts percolating. 

You may notice percolation through the bubble spot. Reduce the flame or move the unit away from the fire station. It indicates that your coffee made in the wild is now ready for consumption.

Pour yourself a mug of percolated coffee and enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of nature by sipping a drink to cope with the morning chill in the jungle.

12. Add some spices to your brewed coffee: 

Camper percolators can have a cup of coffee with a robust flavor. In contrast, most people do not have a palate for strong coffee. 

Some put sugar, cream, milk, or another flavor on their hot drinks. You can add spices to your coffee to get your desired taste. 

13. Practice how to use the camping coffee percolator: 

Make the proper coffee in the forest with the camp percolator. How? Practice using the camp percolator every time you make coffee while camping. 

Continue the process until you get it proper. The best learning strategy is to get the most functionality from this percolating coffee unit.

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Therefore, practicing the above steps twice at home before your trip is best. You can use a percolator on your gas stove and get the same results in a campfire. 

When using the stove to boil it, all you have to do is reduce the heat. The benefit of using a pot at home is that you realize how well coffee works for you. Try a teaspoon of ground coffee per cup and check its strength.