How to Make Coffee without Coffee Maker

Most people can barely do their work at the primary level without having their morning coffee. For that reason, worldwide’s kitchens are stocked with coffee makers from essential to top-end models and designs. So we also must know how to make Coffee without a coffee maker for the people who are not having machines at home.

People will depend on the drip coffee maker for fresh, hot, and tasty Coffee in the mornings, some people will take time to brew Coffee in Chemex along with fresh, roasted beans every day, and some will rush to the coffee machines and push the button and silently gets the brew faster.

Stovetop Method


Make Coffee without a Coffee Maker

Sometimes we have sudden plans where we cannot carry coffee machines with us like staying at the hotel, at the campsite, even at home if there is a power cut, etc.

Some brewing methods below exist to have tasty fresh Coffee without a coffee maker.

How to make a coffee without a coffee maker

There are different methods and options available to make Coffee without machines.

Stovetop Method

We can brew Coffee on the stovetop by using simple kitchen basics.

Things Needed

  • Water
  • Small Saucepan
  • Ground coffee
  • Spoon
  • Mug
  • Ladle

Brewing Process

  • First, pour water into the saucepan. Use more water than needed because we will lose water while boiling and soaking into the grounds.
  • Put the coffee beans required into the water and stir.
  • Set the stove burner to a medium-high flame so the Coffee will boil.
  • Stir the Coffee occasionally so the grounds will not burn at the bottom of the pan.
  • Take two minutes and boil the Coffee uncovered now, turn off the stove and remove the pan from the top.
  • Let the pan sit for four minutes, so the grounds settle on the bottom.
  • Finally, use a spoon to scoop the brewed Coffee into the mug and make sure the grounds settle in the pan.
  • If there is no spoon, also no problem, pour the Coffee into the mug slowly. As the grounds are heavy, they settle at the bottom.

Coffee Bag Method

People can also use tea bags for coffee grounds to make a cup of Coffee.

Things Needed

  • Hot water
  • Ground Coffee
  • String (Choose the string which is not coated with wax)
  • Mug

Brewing Process

  • The first measure a single-serve coffee grounds and pour them into the filter.
  • Close the filter tight so that the coffee grounds become a little pouch.
  • Tie the pouch with a string at one end and the other end to hold the same as the teabag
  • Now heat the water in a kettle, pot, or even a cup in the microwave.
  • Place the coffee bag into the mug and pour hot water slowly to avoid overfilling the cup.
  • Allow the coffee bag to steep in the cup for four minutes. We can increase or decrease the time according to our preferences to have a strong or weaker coffee.
  • Remove the bag and have a cup of Coffee. Discard the filter after use.

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Strainer Method

Using a filter is also a popular Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker method. But make sure to use a double-layered mesh strainer to avoid the coffee grounds going into the mug.

Things Needed

  • Water
  • Ground Coffee
  • Saucepan or Kettle
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Mug

Brewing Process

  • Make sure to measure the water according to the requirement of Coffee to make and pour the water into the kettle.
  • Now add the coffee grounds according to the number of cups brewing.
  • Bring the water to boil and make it boil for two minutes.
  • Remove the kettle or pan from the stove.
  • Hold the mesh strainer and pour the Coffee into the mug. There is no need to wait and take extra time for the grounds to settle because of a filter.

Hanky Method

Hanky method will take a bit of patience to brew but tastes pretty good. We must use a mason jar instead of a coffee mug for this Hanky method.

Things Needed

  • Hot water
  • Coffee grounds
  • Binder clothespins or paper clips
  • Hanky, or linen or cotton cloth
  • Mason jar or mug

Brewing Process

  • First, place the hanky over the top of the mug or Mason jar.
  • Press the hanky gently in the middle to form a pouch to hold the coffee grounds.
  • Use binder clips or clothespins to secure the hanky. Use at least three clips to avoid the hanky not falling into the Coffee.
  • Scoop a cup portion of coffee ground into the pouch.
  • Now slowly pour hot water over the grounds and allow it to soak for at least 30 seconds.
  • Clips may slip while pouring the hot water, so keep an eye on them and adjust the clips if they slip.
  • Finally, remove the hanky and the grounds to enjoy the Coffee

French Press Method

French Press is the most popular; make Coffee without a Coffee Maker with minimal tools.

Things Needed

  • Hot water
  • Coffee grounds (Preferably coarse ground)
  • Deep bowl
  • Tablespoon
  • Mug

Brewing Process

  • First, put one tablespoon of grounds per cup into the bowl.
  • Now pour boiling water in a small amount to thoroughly saturate the grounds.
  • Add the required hot water according to the servings of the grounds in the bowl.
  • Let it be for four minutes. When the grounds settle, use a tablespoon and gently press them to the bottom of the bowl.
  • We must be careful while pressing because it may splash on us.
  • Finally, pour the Coffee into the mug slowly. Use the spoon to keep pressed to the grounds so the grounds will not fall into the mug.

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Microwave Method

Suppose we have power and microwave, no need to use drip machines, strings, etc. It is a straightforward method to brew.

Things Needed

  • Water
  • Coffee grounds
  • Microwave
  • Mug

Brewing Process

  • First, fill the mug with water and place it in a microwave for two minutes.
  • Water must be very hot but not boil, put coffee grounds required into the water and stir.
  • The grounds will make a sizzling sound when added at first.
  • Now make the mug sit for four minutes to allow the grounds to settle at the bottom of the mug.
  • Finally, enjoy the Coffee and make sure not to drink the last sip of Coffee as it has grounds. People who like to chew the Coffee can have the last sip also.

Cold Brew Method

Some people like to have a weekly meal like java. For them, cold brew is the perfect method to brew.

Things Needed

  • Coarse coffee grounds
  • Cheesecloth or any other filtration method.
  • Two wide-mouth mason jars
  • Water

Brewing Process

  • Use a 1:5 ratio of grounds to water and make the grounds wet for 30 seconds by putting the ground in a mason jar.
  • After 30 seconds, add the rest of the water, stir the water and grounds together, and screw on the top of the Mason jar.
  • Now put it in the refrigerator for 14-24 hours.
  • Put the filter on the other Mason jar with a bit of slack to catch the grounds in the middle.
  • Use clips to hold if required, and pour the coffee into another container.
  • We can store the filtered concentrate in the refrigerator for 7-10 days. Whenever we want to have Coffee, pour out a small portion, dilute it with water, and enjoy it.


Can we make Coffee without a coffee maker?

We can make good Coffee without a filter or machine and use the stovetop, strainer, microwave, etc. But we must take precautions to settle the grounds at the cups’ bottom.

Can we make Coffee without electricity?

Yes, because there are many ways to boil water which does not require electricity, like stovetop, campfire, etc.