BUNN coffee maker | How to Use and Clean

BUNN coffee maker has been in production since the 1950s. The company manufactures quality home and commercial-grade coffee dispensers that produce top-notch coffee. 


BUNN coffee maker

Its passion for creating quality coffee has led to the creation of some of the finest coffee makers in the market worldwide. To help you make the best coffee, we’d like to share some tips on operating the BUNN coffee maker.

There are various styles of BUNN coffee makers, and some have slight differences in performance. We want to discuss how to maintain some of their most popular models, including the GR, BX, BT, ST, and NHS Velocity Brew models.

How to use the BUNN coffee maker? 

Always read all instructions the BUNN manufacturer includes with their machines and familiarize yourself with your new coffee maker.

Important BUNN Coffee Maker Parts: 

It’s good to know these parts of your brewer:

  1. Brewer Funnel Lid (all models)​
  2. Spray-head Power On Light (ST model)
  3. Thermal Carafe (BT and ST models)
  4. ​Warmer Switch (GR, BX, NHS models)
  5. Internal Hot Water Tank (all models)
  6. Glass Carafe (for these models – BX, GR, NHS)
  7. Thermal Carafe Lid (BT and ST models)
  8. Warmer Plate (for these models – BX, GR, NHS)
  9. Glass Carafe Lid (for these models – BX, GR, NHS)
  10. Vacation Switch – The location will differ from model to model

Please do not plug in the brewer until you have completed the following steps: 

  • Place the empty brew funnel in the funnel guide. 
  • Lift or slide off the brewer lid. 
  • Pour a whole carafe of filtered water into the brewer. 
  • Place the carafe on the ground under the brew funnel. 
  • It may bring three minutes for the water to refill the tank partially. 
  • Repeat the circle until the tank is full. 
  • It takes about two carafes to fill the holding tank.
  • You’ll know the tank is complete when water flows from the brew funnel, so replace the carafe in the ground after each fill. 
  • Seal the top. 
  • Plug in the brewer. 
  • Press the footing of the vacation switch to the “on” position. 
  • It had located on the lower left side of the machine. 
  • It will heat the machine and may take up to 15 minutes to reach the appropriate temperature for brewing. 
  • The initial setup is complete, and you are ready to make coffee.

Let’s Brew:

To brew your first cup, follow these steps: 

  • Place the BUNN coffee filter in the brew funnel.
  • Place the desired amount of coffee in the filter and level the grounds for more brews. 
  • Slide the brew funnel into the filter manual. 
  • Open the top. 
  • Fill the carafe with 4-10 cups of water. 
  • Pour water into the brewer. 
  • If you use the ST or BT model, turn on the warmer. 
  • Close the top to start the brewing process.

How to clean the BUNN coffee maker? 

If your homemade coffee doesn’t taste as fresh as it used to, is it time to clean your coffee maker? Here’s a simple way to do it using an ingredient you already have at home – white Vinegar

  • Start by pouring equal parts of distilled white Vinegar and water into the machine’s chamber.
  • Then press the switch to brew. 
  • When half the liquid has boiled off, turn off the coffeemaker and let the solution sit for an hour. 
  • It helps remove any oily residue and impurities. 
  • Please turn it on again to complete the cycle. 
  • Then dump the solution and run several processes with clean water until the vinegar odor is gone. 
  • You’ll be shocked at how much finer your coffee tastes.
  • Weekly maintenance includes the following: 
  • Wash all equipment entirely. 
  • Use a household cleaner to wash the outside of the brewer. 
  • Scrub the brew basket to clear the residue. 
  • Check the spray heads to make sure they are not clogged. 
  • Clean the coffee grinder. 
  • You can wash the brew funnel and decanter in the top rack of the dishwasher.

How to clean the BUNN coffee maker With Vinegar?

If you hold one of these BUNN speed brew coffee machines, you should give it a good in-depth cleaning every three months to eliminate mineral deposits. We are going to show you how to do it.

How to clean the BUNN coffee maker With Vinegar
  • All you need is Vinegar, dish soap, and a toothpick. 
  • Now, take the four cups of Vinegar you measured earlier here and pour them over the top. There are two cups, which is also equal to one quart.
  • Empty your carafe. 
  • You can turn off your machine, but turn it off while making it, and then unplug it. 
  • Basically, what you did was you poured Vinegar into your brewer that went into your water tank, and the water in there had pushed out, and we just flushed.
  • Now you will have Vinegar seating in your water tank, and it will work its charm. 
  • So you wait for two hours. 
  • You must remove your spray head when your two hours are up. 
  • You don’t want to do this beforehand because this spray head gets hot.
  • As usual, please put it in place and then go ahead and close the lid. 
  • And we wait until it flushes out. 
  • You’ll want to do this process four times until you no longer smell the Vinegar. 
  • So it happens very quickly, and you can even see some flakes like hard deposits build up inside the machine. 
  • Now that you’ve done it four or five times, however many times, you know, replace your spray head until you stop smelling the Vinegar. 
  • Put your brew funnel back in location, plug in your machine, and turn it on; that’s all you have to do. 
  • Wait 15 minutes until your water is hot, and it will be ready.

How to empty the BUNN coffee maker? 

It’s good practice to drain your BUNN routinely, but it should be drained when you move it, ship it, or store it in an unheated area with a chance of freezing. 

How to safely empty your BUNN coffee maker: 

  • Unplug the coffee brewer. 
  • Chill the water in the tank by sliding a cleared brew funnel into the brewer under the warm switch and centering the empty decanter over the warmer.
  • Pour a full pitcher of cold water over the top of the brewer. 
  • Wait for the water to flow from the funnel and empty the decanter. 
  • Repeat with the second pitcher of water. 
  • Remove the spray head. 
  • Turn it counter-clockwise with your fingers and pull it. 
  • Over your sink, quickly turn the brewer upside down. 
  • Most of the water in the tank comes out of the spray head opening, although some water may flow through the top of the lid.
  • Continue until the water stops flowing. 
  • Turn the spray head back on clockwise until it is secure.

Learning how to wash your BUNN coffee maker isn’t as fun as knowing how to make great coffee, but it’s important. With regular care and maintenance, a bun coffee maker can consistently brew delicious coffee for many years. 

Hopefully, this article has supported you in learning how to care for your machine properly and has brought the guesswork out of what can be a rough process if you’ve never done it before.