How many amps does the coffee maker use?

It is important to know the facts before choosing what kind of coffee maker to buy. But how much electricity does a person use? And how many amps does the coffee maker use? Most people don’t know!

If you want to know how many amps a coffee maker uses, read on for the answers. First, how many amps does the coffee maker use? How much power does it draw from the grid? You’ve heard that all coffee makers are the same and use the same amount of electricity. It is not true.

how many amps a coffee maker use

Some coffee makers can be as minimum as 2-5 amps, while others can be as maximum as 12-15 amps. It can quickly become confusing when you look at the different types of coffee makers and the amperage they use.

You may wonder how much electricity your coffee maker uses and if it’s too much for your liking. Knowing how many amps a coffee maker uses can help you decide what type of machine to buy next or what size machine to put in your kitchen.


How to Identify the Amps in Your Coffee Maker?

If you like to know how much energy your coffee maker uses, look for a sticker on the unit that tells you the specifications. You can find it on the nameplate or in the product information booklet. 

You can also look at your coffee maker’s packaging and check for the power consumption specification. The other method is to calculate the amps. Finding amps in your coffee maker is easy. There are three main things to remember: 

  • Find the power cord from the back of your coffee machine and plug it into an outlet. 
  • Look for a tag on the unit that tells you how much power it uses (amps). 
  • Note the voltage and frequency (60Hz or 50Hz) you set your outlets.

Once you have all these details, finding out how many amps the coffee maker uses is as simple as dividing 120 volts by 60 Hz or 50 Hz, depending on your outlets. The numbers are even lower if you have a European coffee maker with 240 volts at 50 hertz. 

How many amps does the coffee maker use?

The amount of energy a coffee maker consumes depends on the type of coffee maker. There are so many different types that it can be confusing to figure out how much power it gets. 

For example, a Keurig K-Mini is rated for 120 volts and draws less than 15 watts in idle or distribution. If your coffee designer is not within those specifications, use a fuel or voltage meter to calculate power consumption and adjust accordingly.

How many amps does a four-cup coffee maker use? 

A 4-cup coffee maker utilizes about 12 amps. A 10 amp course breaker is the most familiar for the home, but it should fit all the appliances in the circuit, so don’t plug too many appliances into a single outlet.

A typical house unit with a plug is 120v and should draw no more than five amps. You can find specific information for your unit in the box and documentation that came with the unit or on the unit nameplate. 

How many amps does a 12-cup coffee maker use? 

Coffee makers had rated by the amount of energy they use. A 12-cup coffee maker is going to use an average of 350 watts. When you multiply this digit by 120 volts, you get 4200 watts per hour.

A 12-cup coffee maker uses more than five amps per hour. The most useful way to save money on your current bill is to utilize your coffee maker less often or when it’s more suitable. If you are not using your coffee pot, ensure it is unplugged from the wall.

Why Knowing Amps Makes a Difference

Understanding the amps on your coffee machine will help you understand how much power it uses. Knowing this information is important for a few reasons. 

First, if your coffee maker plugs into a wall outlet, it will draw more power from the grid than a coffee maker plugs in with an extension cord.

Second, knowing this information can help you decide how often you need to do laundry or run another appliance simultaneously so your electricity bill doesn’t skyrocket. 

Finally, understanding this information is important because it can be a safety issue if a breaker trips and shuts off energy in your home. After all, there are too many appliances running at once.

How many amps does the Keurig Mini use?

The Keurig Mini coffee machine draws about 1470 watts when it heats up. Most people won’t be a problem since you won’t be utilizing your coffee maker for more than ten minutes at a time. 

But if you live with many coffee drinkers, power consumption can add up quickly. If you’re looking to buy a new coffee maker, look for one with an auto shut-off feature.

It ensures that your coffee maker switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity and saves energy. 

How many amps does the commercial coffee maker use?

Commercial coffee makers consume a lot of energy. Because they run continuously, they use 4-5 times more energy than a home coffee maker. A commercial coffee maker will use more energy than a household unit. 

For example, the Bunn ten-Cup Commercial Brewer 1250W draws 3600 watts of electricity, but only when it is heating water. Once the water arrives at a certain temperature, the power consumption drops to 15 watts.


Knowing your amperage utilization can help determine how many amps a coffee maker uses. If you have an older house, it’s a good idea to keep your coffee maker below 1800W to avoid tripping the circuit breaker. If you have a new home, it is better to use a more powerful model.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many amps does the MR Coffee Maker use?

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 has a 120-volt power cord that uses 390 watts. A Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker utilizes about 13 amps. The Aroma Sensio HD7810/7810R is a 14 amp coffee maker with a power consumption of up to 1440 watts. It only happens during the heating cycle. Otherwise, the power consumption in passive or distribution is between 10-12 watts.

2. How many amps does a 12-cup coffee maker use?

A 12-cup coffee maker uses an average of 10-15 amps when in use and 35 watts when idle.

3. How many amps does the drip coffee maker use?

Drip coffee designers vary in power requirements, but the range is 9-14 amps for most of them.