Espresso Cups Review 2023 | Buyer Guidance

Coffee cups are necessary that elevate the coffee experience. Many coffee lovers want their Joe as wine connoisseurs and most coffee folks prefer. So for them also, the espresso cups 2023 are available in the market. For people who feel espresso is a ritual, get cute espresso cups set to experience the coffee.

Cute espresso cups set


Espresso Cups 2023 Review

Sweese 405.402 Porcelain Stackable Espresso Cups

Sweese Espresso cups

Sweese porcelain cups are the best espresso cups. These are clean with a classic design and fit perfectly for the espresso maker; they come with saucers and a stacking stand. Sweese espresso cups are best to sit alongside the espresso machine. With these cups, we can enjoy the brew at the coffee bar. Each espresso cup holds 4oz, perfect for a single or double espresso, cappuccino, café latte, mochaccino, tea, or other beverages.

The cup’s walls are thick to hold the temperature of the coffee. The whole set of cups, saucers, and stacking stand will take a little countertop space which is also easy to move around the kitchen and living room for hosting purposes.

It is made with durable porcelain, premium lead-free, chip-resistant, and more sturdy than stoneware safe for dishwashing, microwave, oven, and freezer.

Cost: $21.99

JoyJolt Savor Double-Walled Espresso Cups


JoyJolt espresso cups are a set of handmade, double-walled Thermo mugs. Each mug boasts a curvature that holds 5.4 ounces; these glasses are designed to suspend the drinks within an inner wall for a pleasing optical effect.

The cups are condensation-resistant borosilicate glass that is stronger and more durable when compared to other glasses that give a smooth finish and a crystal clear look.

These JoyJolt espresso cups will keep the liquid hot and relaxed while holding hands. These cups are a beautiful addition to any café, pub, and restaurant and in every home.

They are used as cappuccino, lungo, Macchiato, espresso, latte, tea, smoothie, juice, and demitasse cups. These cups are lead-free and safe for dishwasher and microwave use. Do not use metal utensils.

Cost: $16.99

Wells Store Espresso Cups

Well store mugs

Wells Store, best Espresso cups 2023 with double-walled borosilicate material. The temperature of these demitasse cups ranges from 30 to 400 degrees to have the cappuccino or tea warmer for a long time.

While having hot coffee, we will not feel hot from the outside, and there will be no consideration of the glass and table when having a cold drink.

The design of the demitasse cup is unique, and the fingers will be safe with the heat-resistant double-wall glassware.

It is built to be shatterproof, scratch-resistant, durable, and safe for microwaves. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Each cup holds 2.5 ounces or 80 ml of coffee, milk, wine, espresso, juice, latte, or any cold or hot drink.

These cups are ultra-light clear double-walled and suit gifting loved ones. The double-walled glass has a pin-sized hole in the cup; that hole will let in water/steam/condensation.

Cost: $13.99

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De’Longhi Thermo Cups

De'Longhi Best Espresso cups 2022

De’Longhi Thermo cups are perfect for espresso. These come as 2 double-walled thermal glasses and are suitable for serving robust espresso at home.

The cups will keep the drink hot or cold and limit condensation. It has a durable design with borosilicate glass material, which helps guard against breakage and is long-lasting and BPA-free; it is also easy to offer espresso to friends and family.

These De’Longhi espresso cups are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Pop the glasses in your dishwasher and get back to normal.

The sleek lines on the glass of the cup will provide a comfortable hold for any hot and cold beverages. Each cup will hold 2 ounces/60ml of espresso, tea, wine, juice, or other hot or cold drink.

Cost: $23.95

Aozita Espresso Cups and Saucers

Aozita best espresso cups 2022

Aozita espresso cups, saucers, and spoons are a super-cute size of 4 sets. Each cup holds 2.5 ounces of espresso for tasting a single or double shot.

These cups are suitable and perfect for an espresso machine. Aozita cups are made of premium material, high-quality porcelain/ceramic, lead-free, and chip-resistant, making the cup sturdy and healthy to use daily.

These espresso cups are dishwasher, freezer, oven, or microwave-safe. The cup’s handle is a sleek modern style, exquisite, and stackable design. The set comes in white, ideal for different dining environments.

The fluted saucers can prevent liquid from overflowing during the movement while drinking. The package is also perfect for giving weddings, bridal showers, housewarmings, mothers day, etc.

The espresso cups are also beautiful for restaurants, cafes, pubs, and even at our homes. Easy to clean without any residue left, the luster still looks new after using it for the long run. With a stylish and innovative vertical design, this stackable set will save countertop space.

Cost: $39.99

Buyer Guidance

Here is the buyer guidance that helps you get the cutest espresso cup glasses for people who like espresso.

Number of Espresso Cups

People drink espresso shots throughout the day; some brew in a single cup, and some will enjoy their friends. In the market, there are four or more will be available.

Keeping the backup cups will be handy when you have too many guests. So buy the cute espresso cups set according to the brewing and guests.

Need Saucers?

Many espresso lovers will have their shot straight, but few prefer adding sugar, cream, and salt. A few will also break the crema with spoons in the aromatics before sipping. People who drink their shot skip the saucers and the espresso cups set.

espresso cups set

But for the people who want add-ons, get the saucers to keep the spoon which also helps the daily routine.

Some of us cannot hold the cup’s handle when it is hot for them. Also, the saucer is the pairing. So choose the saucers accordingly.

Material of the cup

People who can afford it will choose the shatter-resistance material. Look for the best espresso cups in 2023: dishwasher, microwave-safe, BPA-free, and lead-free. Any material in contact with food and drinks must be non-toxic.

Double-walled glass demitasse cups are suitable and will show the indicators of a good shot and look beautiful.

These are rare and are extra variable to keep track of daily espressos. Stainless steel cups are impossible to break and are in different designs. Choose the material of the cups according to the material, designs, and usage.


Insulation is vital when it comes to the maintenance of the cup quality. Borosilicate glass cups will survive rapid temperature changes; porcelain cups will be thick and cool to the touch when designed perfectly. Double-walled espresso glasses look fantastic and are insulated well.

These double-walled glasses will prevent heat transfers between the coffee and the hand. Most people prefer narrow-mouthed cups made with different types of materials. So choose the one which suits the espresso.


Espresso cups will come in different shapes and sizes depending on the specifications. Choose the best espresso cup set according to the features and the brewing process. Double-walled espresso cups will come in the shape of a skull.


Choose the best espresso cups from the above designs, balancing style, convenience, durability, and heat retention. Also, look for the size needed, like usual or lungo, and materials suitable for thermal heat, like double-walled.

If you are having a problem holding the cup, choose the espresso cup with a handle, some people will have their espresso and tea and biscuits, so they choose the cups with saucers and sometimes spoons.