Can you drink coffee with braces? If yes, how?

Are you struggling to decide whether to drink your coffee with braces? Yes, you can enjoy your coffee by following a few precautions.

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, avoiding your favorite beverages, like coffee, wine, soda, etc., will be very difficult. Whatever the braces type is, it is valid to worry about having stains on your teeth because you take orthodontic treatment to fix your teeth.

Drinking coffee may affect the teeth, but you can enjoy your coffee by maintaining oral health.

The main concern for people with braces is, “can you drink coffee with the braces?” The answer to this is Yes. From this article, you can clearly understand oral hygiene and the steps to follow while drinking coffee with braces.

can you drink coffee with braces


How to drink coffee with braces without staining.

As we know, there are many types of braces in the world. The major concern is drinking hot beverages like coffee without harming the teeth. Orthodontic treatment has many appliances. The process of protecting the teeth will differ for different braces.

  1. Metal braces: Metal braces are the common braces many people undergo. It is one of the traditional braces. They use stainless steel brackets and wire to connect the teeth with the rubber for metal braces. After consuming coffee, tiny particles may get stuck between the teeth and gums, leading to staining. We can enjoy coffee with braces, but it will be some maintenance work. Brush your teeth right away after consuming coffee. 
  1. Ceramic braces: While considering ceramic braces, we need to note that the brackets of your braces don’t get stained because they are designed to resist discoloration. But ceramic braces have elastic bands, which may affect them. So it is important to be careful while consuming coffee. Use straws while drinking coffee. 
  1. Clear aligners like Invisalign: Here is the good news. Aligners can be removed before and after consuming food. So whenever you drink hot coffee, remove the braces and wash your teeth properly before putting in the aligners. The clear aligners are made of plastic, so we should be careful while drinking hot coffee, which may affect the shape of the braces. 

If you can’t remove the brackets, prefer something cold like cold coffee. Use a straw so that it can protect the shape of the tray. 

How can a coffee lover drink coffee without staining?

You are someone who can’t avoid coffee, even with braces. Even though it may harm your orthodontic treatment, you want to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Even if it may consume your time, you can drink your coffee by following some tips.

Add milk or cream to your coffee:

We know that coffee is a highly pigmented drink that can harm your treatment. This pigmented drink may affect the process of your beautiful smile and oral health. Then consider diluting your coffee by adding some milk or cream to it. After adding milk, it may reduce the dark color of the coffee, which can avoid staining. 

Use straw:

Using a straw for a hot coffee might take a lot of work. But using a straw while drinking coffee can reduce the effect. There will be a little chance of getting stains on your teeth.

Consume coffee with less caffeine:

The main reason you are getting addict to coffee is its caffeine. Staining is directly proportional to caffeine, i.e., reducing the amount of caffeine can reduce the staining it can cause to your teeth. 

In the market, many decaf or coffee with less caffeine is available. Try drinking decaf coffee or coffee drinks with less caffeine. 

Brush your teeth after drinking your coffee:

Even with braces or without them brushing your teeth properly is important. After drinking your coffee, the remaining coffee may stain your teeth permanently. So brush your teeth after drinking your coffee. If the braces are removable, remove the tray, drink your coffee, and brush your teeth.


Flossing your teeth regularly can protect your teeth from staining. With braces flossing might be a little difficult and time-consuming, but the time will be worth it. It can help the teeth to maintain oral health and hygiene.

Waterpik is also helpful in removing the tiny particles stuck between the teeth, which lead to staining and tooth decay. 

Other beverages to be avoided with braces:


Tea is also one of the drinks that can harm oral health. The Tea is also from a coffee family, which is highly pigment and causes staining and tooth decay. If you can’t give up on your tea, consider iced tea or use a straw while drinking it.

Fizzy drinks: 

These drinks are drinks with high sugars and are acidic. These can cause tooth decay and sensitivity. Sensitivity causes more problems when having braces.


Soda is one of the unhealthiest drinks during your orthodontic treatment. This drink shouldn’t be consumed more often, which leads to dental problems. Even with all the effects, you want to drink soda with a straw and rinse your mouth immediately.

Sports drinks:

Drinks like fruit juice seem healthy, but they are naturally acidic and have high sugar levels, which can harm your teeth. Avoid drinks with lemon because it may affect tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay.


Alcohol is one of the most generous drinks for braces and your health. Even though it may not affect the brackets’ shape, it will cause staining on the teeth. Dark-colored red drinks like red wine, rum, brown ales, etc., cause staining and lead to tooth decay. 

Beverages can be consumed with braces:

Plain milk: Plain milk is one of the healthiest options for people with braces. Plain milk is to be considered healthy because it doesn’t cause any harm to your teeth and braces. Avoid mixing milk powders which can again lead to staining.

Still water: Water doesn’t affect your braces and teeth in any way because it doesn’t have any substances that can cause staining or tooth decay. 

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I drink coffee daily with braces?

It is best to avoid coffee with braces. If you can’t, having 3  to 4 times a week is preferable.

2. Is it ok to drink water after coffee?

Rather than drink water, immediately rinse your mouth after drinking your coffee.

3. Can I drink hot coffee with braces?

No, drinking hot coffee or tea with braces is not advisable.

4. Does coffee affect the shape of our teeth?

Coffee may not affect the shape of the teeth, but hot coffee can damage the shape of the braces.