Best Vacuum Coffee Maker – What to Look in a Siphon Coffee Maker


Vacuum Coffee Maker

Siphon Coffee Maker is one of the most interesting ways to brew coffee using vacuum pressure. It was invented in Germany in the 19th century and is now used worldwide. Get the best vacuum coffee maker available in the market. People have many choices like glass vacuum coffee makers, vintage vacuum coffee makers, stainless steel, etc. In addition, some brands are available in the market, like Bodum vacuum coffee maker, KitchenAid vacuum coffee machine, etc.

Bodum siphon coffee maker

A Siphon coffee maker or vacuum produces the coffee using heat and water vapor pressure. The main features of this machine are two chambers of glass connect with a siphon channel with a built-in filter. Here in this machine, the coffee is brewed by creating a vacuum that pushes the liquid back and forth by the siphon.

Best Vacuum Coffee Maker

Many coffee makers like vintage, glass, electric, coffee maker, etc., are available now. So choose the best vacuum coffee maker from the given below with features and price.

Hario Glass Vacuum Coffee Machine


Hario glass vacuum coffee maker is the best vacuum coffee machine. It has an upper bowl, lower bowl, and a burner made with Hario’s best heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The stand, burner cover, and filter are made with stainless steel. The syphon coffee maker is import from Japan. Therefore, the model of this machine is technically a glass siphon coffee maker.

The Hario coffee maker brews 5 cups of coffee capacity at once. The fasteners are made of brass, and the windbreak is aluminum. The dimensions of the coffee machine are 14inch height, 6.2-inch width, and 4.3-inch length with 110 volts of voltage. The weight of the coffee machine is 1.54 pounds. The glass vacuum coffee maker is easy to use, clean, durable, and gives flavourful coffee.

Cost: $84.50

Diguo Belgian Syphon Coffee Maker

Diguo vintage vacuum coffee maker

Diguo Belgian is a vintage vacuum coffee maker. The coffee, brewed with a balancing siphon coffee maker, is describe as great purity of flavor, clean, aromatic, and no bitterness from many coffee connoisseurs. It is a vintage vacuum coffee maker, an environmentally friendly reusable filter made of natural cloth for better filtration. They let in the tiniest coffee ground particles and other flavors into the final product, resulting in a bold tasting cup-a-joe. It is easy to use and clean; each filter lasts many months.

The Rose Gold Plated, ridge fulcrum, U-handle, and wood base will be the center of attraction for its retro-style vintage design. It brews coffee in a style and delicious taste. It is also a stainless steel coffee maker with a 304 steel vacuum flask, a siphon pipette, and a filter head. Diguo is a borosilicate brewing flask with a medical-grade silicone seal and a capacity of 500 ml, about 17 oz for 3-4 cups. In addition, the package contains a balance siphon coffee maker set with a cloth filter, coffee scoop, and measuring cup for water.

Cost: $139.98

KitchenAid Syphon Coffee Machine

KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Maker

KitchenAid vacuum coffee machine will automate the annual vacuum brewer process to deliver a bright and rich cup of coffee in the convenience of the home. It easily brews 2-8 cups of siphon-style coffee with a clean finish. The automated full immersion siphon brewing delivers through precise temperature and vacuum technology. In addition, the brew unit will stand securely and hold the unit once the brewing completes.

The coffee machine is constructe with premium stainless steel accents a glass vacuum machine. It has a magnetic locking seal that securely fastens the brew unit and carafe together. The package includes a KitchenAid vacuum coffee machine, cleaning brush, coffee scoop, brew unit stand, dual-purpose lid, 360 degrees rotation removable base, reusable stainless steel filter, and a cloth filter pack.

Cost: $199.99

Bodum PEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker

Bodum Pebo

The Bodum Vacuum Coffee maker heats water in the lower chamber and creates vapor pressure that forces the boiling water to mix with coffee grounds. The coffee maker is removed from the heat, and vacuum pressure draws the brewed coffee downward and into the bottom of the jug for serving. Besides the Bodum PEBO Vacuum coffee maker, no coffee machine has fascinated passionate coffee drinks. PEBO is a former Santos vacuum coffee maker. It is an exceptionally effective vacuum brewing method that extracts all precious oils of the coffee, and the vacuum brewing process is sealed so that no aroma can escape.

The brewing temperature and time are perfectly calibrate to ensure a perfect cup of coffee with each brew. Monitor the eye-catching brewing process through the two firmly attached glass bowls. Depending on the water used amount, the PEBO vacuum coffee maker can brew delicious coffee within 5-11 minutes, serving anywhere from 4-8 cups.

Cost: $69.99 

What to look at in a Siphon Coffee Maker before Buying?

Many people want to brew coffee using a vacuum coffee machine, but many factors to consider before getting one. Below are some of them.


Before purchasing the vacuum brewing machine, we must consider the price. These coffee machines are more expensive when compared with other brewing machines because of their design and material. The prices vary based on the aesthetic appeal and the size. Set a budget so that to narrow the options.

siphon vacuum coffee maker

Stovetop Standalone

Decide whether you want a coffee maker that works on a standalone or stovetop before buying a coffee machine. A stovetop coffee machine is used on any gas vacuum coffee machine or electric stove surface—a standalone, heated by a built-in or separate burner. Also, stovetop brewing machines are less expensive when compared to the standalone model. But both the machines will brew equally good coffee.


Depending upon the quantity of coffee we brew, we must consider the machine’s capacity. Most vacuum brewing machines come in different sizes, from three to eight cups.

Their brewing process is precise and involves many people who want to drink the coffee freshly and appreciate the taste.


Select the vacuum coffee machine based on two things that are easy to use and the capacity to produce high-quality coffee. First, see the machine that balances functionality and design without sacrificing quality.

Then, go for the one with good features, is durable, and comes in budget. The above are some products that suit the needs according to their necessity.

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