Best Coffee for French Press | What is the Best Roast Type for French Press?


Best Coffee Beans for French Press

French Press Coffee’s brewing is simpler than other brewing techniques. We need to grind the coffee, add some hot water, wait for the coffee to brew, and finally press the plunger to get a cup of Joe. French Press is everyone’s favorite for its simple brewing, and many households will use it. For the best flavor for the coffee, we must use the best coffee for the French Press. This article has a few roasted coffee beans and ground coffee for French Press.

best coffee beans for french press

Most people fail to make the coffee with French Press because of the poor choice of coffee beans and sometimes the lack of brewing technique. What coffee to use for French Press? First, we need to prefer the personal flavor of the coffee.

For the best coffee beans for French Press, choose the ground coffee because the French Press will use the stainless steel mesh to filter that ground all the delicious solids and oils of the coffee beans will end up in the cup. Some people like chewy textures by French Press, and some will object to it.

Ground coffee is also the traditional way of brewing the coffee to reduce the tiny particles from the mesh filter not captured.

The coffee becomes sweeter and less bitter with this coarse grind French press. Most French press coffee lovers prefer coffee beans with a medium or dark roast. With the French press brew, the bitterness of the coffee reduces with the dark roasted beans. The best character that suits the French Press is its smoky dark brew.

Coffee for french press
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Best Coffee for French Press

Below are some of the best coffee for French Press.

Peet’s Coffee Beans


Peet’s is an organic french roast coffee beans. It is the best coffee beans for french Press from Latin American origins such as Guatemala and Colombia. High altitudes will enable the coffee cherry to mature more slowly, become denser, and be packed with flavors. These coffee beans are inherently bright and juicy that retain the bold complexity under the heat of a deep roast.

The Peet’s coffee beans will use five senses to unlock each bean’s flavor potential without using machines and computers. The roasters are masters in craft, fine-tuning the nuances of each blend and single origin. Peet’s, a USDA organic certified, meticulously grown, deeply roasted coffee beans, bold and dedicated to flavor, farm, and future.

White Coffee Ground Coffee

White Kahlua

White is the best ground bean for French Press, and extensively trained technicians will make it with brewing and grinding techniques. These coffee beans are roasted in small batches to produce the highest quality, freshness, and taste. White coffee has a Level 3 highest food safety and quality (SQF).

This original ground coffee brings delicious rum, caramel, and vanilla flavors of Kahlua Liqueur. It has blends of hazelnut and hints of caramel sweetness in Hazelnut flavor. And also have French Vanilla and Mocha flavors. These ground coffee are 100% high-quality Arabica beans; pre-ground the beans for easy brewing.

SF Bay Coffee Beans

SF Bay

SF Bay, french roast beans blended from central and south America. Until the flavor of oils rises to the bean’s surface for full-bodied roasted beans, dark roast coffee with chocolate notes, and toasted cinnamon—a wide selection of Arabica coffee, from whole beans and ground coffee to single-serve coffee pods.

Whether people are into finely ground espresso or drip coffee, coarsely ground french Press, or pour-over coffee, they will deliver a robust coffee cup for every taste. These beans are available in medium roast, dark roast, and extra dark Italian roast. These are the best beans for French Press.

Lavazza Super Crema 

Lavazza Super Crema

Lavazza Super Crema is a rich and aromatic taste profile that offers a full body with notes of roasted hazelnuts and brown sugar and all the harmony of Italian espresso. These coffee beans have flowery and fruity notes, soft texture, and a compact crema. All the flavors are strong in Arabica coffee beans and roasted, which will provide rich aromatic intensity.

Masterful beans are selected to offer a well-balanced taste and combined with the most innovative roasting techniques. Lavazza Crema is with an espresso machine to enjoy the aromatic blend of coffee. Lavazza, the best coffee bean for the French Press selected as the highest quality of coffee beans and artfully blended to provide coffee lovers with an authentic Italian coffee experience.

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Best Roast Type for French Press

Depending on personal preferences, most people choose the type of roast. The beans roasted according to the duration and temperature will impact the coffee flavor, so choose stronger or milder brews.

Generally, dark and medium-dark roasts are suitable for brewing French Press because of their high oil content.

roasted coffee beans

Different coffee beans are below to increase the roast time and temperature.

Light: Coffee beans roasted light brown will produce acidic coffee with a light-bodied and grainy taste. These coffee beans are dry and without an oil surface.

Medium: Medium roasted beans are also dry without an oil surface, same as the lightly roasted coffee beans. But the flavor produced is more bodied and non-grainy, so the coffee tastes more balanced and smoother. These coffee beans are medium brown and have balanced acidity.

Medium-Dark: Medium-dark roasted coffee beans are heavier in body and darker in color when compared to the previous roasts with oil on the surface. A slight spice flavor characterizes these beans, and the coffee tastes balanced and smooth with less acidity.

Dark: Dark roasted coffee beans will produce the darkest color beans that almost look black. These beans are shiny on the surface due to their oil presence and lower acidity levels. Coffee made with these roasted beans tastes robust and full-bodied, accompanying the bitter, smoky, or burnt flavors.


French Press coffee is the most reliable method of brewing a customizable coffee according to the bean’s flavor. We can use a coarse grind to allow maximum flavor extraction and go for a home ground coffee instead of pre-ground for freshness and perfect texture of grinding.