Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans & Benefits


Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Some flavors are made for each other, and one of the perfect pairings is coffee and chocolate flavors. People try coffee with a brownie to get the coffee and chocolate flavors. Luckily in the market, we have the best chocolate-covered espresso beans. People can go through the below dark chocolate-covered espresso beans benefits reviews and get according to their preferences.

dark chocolate covered espresso beans for coffee and chocolate flavors

Dark chocolate-covered espresso beans are Arabian, Colombian, and Indonesian estates, hand-picked with 60% dark cocoa chocolate.

These beans are confections made with chocolate coating on roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate.

Like chocolates, these are rich in fat, and coffee beans are also rich in Caffeine.  The taste will also be different from slightly sweet and bitter because of dark chocolate and coffee beans with an intense aroma.

The main ingredients in the espresso beans covered with chocolate are sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, cocoa powder, roasted espresso beans, etc.

Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

We have some idea about the dark chocolate-covered espresso bean; look for some of the best chocolate-covered espresso beans with features.

Marich Barista Blend Beans

Marich Barista Blend Premium beans are Italian roast lavished in milk chocolate white and dark chocolates. It is a perfect gift for virtually anyone. Marich manufacturers use a proprietary blend of high-quality chocolate sourced from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and the Ivory Coast in layered chocolates.

Marich Barista Blend

The chocolate espresso beans are not having coconut oil and are delicious with a rich taste and aroma. As a second-generation candy making, the Marich has a passion for creating crave-able ways to combine modern tastes with a European heritage. These chocolate espresso beans are snackable, shareable, and giftable creations to enjoy.

Cost: $19.99

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Assorted Espresso Beans

Trader Joe’s is famous for its organic products. These beans are 100% Arabian beans from Brazil and come in different colors, which evoke a different coffee style. There are different colors of beans; black ones are dark chocolate-covered espresso beans like black mocha, brown color with milk chocolate with the essence of cappuccino.

Trader Joe's

Tan-colored beans with a caramel latte and white speckled ones are smooth and creamy coffee. These beans are pack with minerals and vitamins—also, values of iron, fiber, calcium, and protein in one place. The beans are not having chemicals, flavors, preservatives, or artificial colors.

Cost: $42

Hoosier Hill Farm Gourmet Beans

Hoosier Hill Farm, recognized for its making of candy and confections, recently expanded to chocolate-covered espresso beans. The beans are rich with their chocolate and crunchy espresso beans. These are absolutely delicious and very addictive.

Hoosier hill farm gourmet dark chocolate covered espresso beans

The beans present crunchy espresso beans coated with European-style dark gourmet chocolate and rich dark gourmet and premium espresso beans. People will love the brand and guarantee satisfaction.

Cost: $17.99

Dilettante Espresso Beans

Dilettante uses high-quality ingredients from Hapsburg roasted coffee beans. Afterward, beans are coated with decadent layers of chocolate made from real cream and pure cocoa butter. This bean blend offers all four flavors covered with white, milk, marbled, and dark chocolate.

Dilettante best chocolate covered espresso beans for coffee and chocolate flavors

The bitter notes of espresso beans paired with the taste of white, milk, and dark chocolate blends for an energizing treat during the day. Each chocolate-covered espresso is made with specialty revolving kettle drums to gentle tumble layers of gourmet chocolate for a smooth finish.

Cost: $26

coffee and chocolate flavors

Benefits of Chocolate covered Espresso Beans

The chocolate-covered espresso beans are delicious for coffee addicts and chocolate lovers. Some people think of these as junk food, but these beans are healthful and flavorful packs of punch. Some of the benefits are.

  • Both espresso beans and chocolate contains antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body that are harmful to the compounds that damage and cause tissues inflammation, leading to poor body function and illness risk.
  • Espresso beans have phenols, volatile, oxazoles aroma compounds with antioxidant properties. Chocolate contains antioxidants like flavonoids that help lower blood pressure, raise good cholesterol levels, and improve vascular functioning.
  • According to an article published, a man who drinks more than six cups of coffee decreases the risk of fatal prostate cancer. People who regularly consume coffee will lower the risk of developing type two diabetics.
  • Chocolate-covered espresso beans also improve the mood. Coffee beans interact with the chemicals dopamine and acetylcholine to make them happier.


Human beings know the greatest pleasure of coffee and chocolate flavors. No surprise putting the coffee beans together is just a stroke of genius. And comes the chocolate covered with roasted coffee beans or espresso beans for a perfect cup of coffee. It tastes slightly sweet and bitter.


How much Caffeine is there in chocolate-covered espresso beans?

The Caffeine in chocolate-covered espresso beans is as same as plain espresso beans. And other coffee has only a few milligrams when compared to chocolate.

How much Caffeine do espresso beans have?

The average espresso bean has 6 – 7 milligrams of Caffeine only. It does not seem like a lot, but we never eat just one bean. When we take a handful of beans, it counts nearly 7mg of Caffeine, equal to 175mg per serving.

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