Best Bella Coffee Maker – How to clean Bella Coffee Maker?

The Bella coffee maker is made and sold by BELLA Housewares, whose main objective is to make the kitchen a fun place. BELLA Housewares designs coffee machines that last for the long run, and the coating used will be free of environmentally harmful chemicals. So people can purchase Bella coffee makers without any fear. Bella coffee makers come in different sizes and shapes. They are available from single-serve to a full 12-cup pot. This article reviews the best Bella coffee maker and how to clean Bella Coffee Maker?


Best Bella Coffee Maker

Here we are giving reviews for the four best Bella coffee makers. All four coffee makers’ product reviews, features, prices, etc., are shared. Go through each one of the coffee makers and choose according to your requirement and choice.

Bella (14755) 12 cup Coffee Maker

Bella (14755) 12 cup Coffee Maker

This 12-cup coffee maker is one of the best Bella coffee makers, with a brew strength selector that customizes coffee accordingly.

It can also brew a 1 to 4-cup coffee feature to achieve a full carafe taste for small quantities. It has a durable read backlit LCD so that to brew coffee anytime.

The coffee machine has a special cleaning cycle that allows the coffee to have its optimum flavor and extend its life.

It is a premium quality coffee machine that brews rich, delicious, and flavor coffee in no time. This coffee machine is compact with a space-saving design, user-friendly, easy to control, and clean.

Cost: $39.99


Bella (13683) Personal Espresso Maker

Bella (13683) Personal Espresso Maker

The personal espresso maker has an easy-pour glass decanter, a frothing steam wand, and a detachable permanent filter basket. It brews coffee and lattes, Americano, cappuccinos, and macchiato with just the turn of a knob. With this coffee machine, we make cafe-quality beverages at home.

One of the best Bella coffee makers is a steam pressurized safety cup and a removable drip tray that prevents accidental leaks. There is a permanent filter basket that is detachable for easy cleaning. It has a steam wand that warms quickly and froths milk with that plain espresso turning into a fancier latte or cappuccino.

Cost: $44.99


Bella 13911 Dots Collection Coffee Maker

Bella 13911Dots Collection

This coffee machine comes with programmable 12-cup coffee at a 24-hour timer and a digital display that lets you have coffee ready whenever wanted. It has permanent filters and no need for paper filters with which time and money are saved.

This coffee machine is also one of the best Bella coffee makers with pause-and-serve to serve coffee in the middle of the brewing process. It has an auto shut-off option. It shut-offs after brewing are completed. We can brew regular strength, gourmet blends, and bold-tasting coffee with this coffee machine. The 1-4 cup brew cycle gives full flavored coffee for a smaller amount.

Cost: $249

Bella Linea Collection Coffee Maker

Best Bella Linea Collection Coffee Maker

Enjoy the freshly brewed coffee and start your day with the Bella Linea collection 12 cup coffee maker. It is a programmable coffee maker with a 24-hour timer to brew coffee at any time. This also has a special feature of keeping the coffee warm for two hours after brewing.

This coffee machine has an auto shut-off; the machine automatically shuts off after the brewing cycle is completed. It has a digital display, a removable filter basket for easy cleaning, and cord storage to neat and organized counters. This coffee machine adds a stylish look to the counter with its different colors and modern designs.

Cost: $31.62


How to Clean Bella Coffee Maker?

  • It is recommended to clean the Bella coffee maker at least once every month. There will be calcium build-ups and crannies in the machine-like other coffee machines.
  • Bella Housewares recommends using bleach and water combination to flush the calcium build-up out from the machine.
  • If the coffee machine is 12 cups, fill 6 cups with vinegar and 4 cups of water into the water tank and ensure the carafe is under the spout. Hold the keep warm button until the LCD screen flashes into clean.
  • When it shows clean light, it beeps. Remove the water and vinegar solution and run the brew cycle 2-3 times with fresh water. By doing this, all the vinegar residues flush out from the machine.

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